Iskritsa & Siyaynitsa

> Iskritsa & Siyaynitsa Guesthouse is located in the village of Cherven along the river Cherni Lom, some 30 km away from the city of Ruse.

> The Medieval fortress Cherven is situated in the immediate vicinity. Accessible for walks and visits are also Orlova Chuka cave (17 km away), Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo (18 km away), Basarbovo Rock Monastery (26 km away).


> The house has three floors and a spacious yard. The kitchen and dining room are located on the first floor. The sleeping quarters are on the second and third floors and they can accommodate a total of 13 people. 


> The house offers 2 double rooms with separate beds, one double room with a double bed, one triple room with a double bed and a single bed, and one room for 4 people with a double bed and two separate beds. Whenever necessary, the couch in the dining room can also be used for sleeping. 


> There are a toilet and a bathroom on every floor. 


> There is a spacious covered barbeque area in the yard that’s convenient for large groups of people. A splendid view of the Cherven Fortress and the rocks around the village is revealed from the windows of the rooms.


> The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, an electric oven, a microwave oven, electric hot plates, and the necessary kitchen utensils for independent preparation of food.

Additional Information About Your Coziness

We Care for You
We, at Iskritsa & Siyaynitsa Guesthouse, have taken all antiepidemic safety measures. Everything gets cleaned up thoroughly according to the requirements of the World Health Organization.
A big house and a big yard
For parties with a large group of people or for relaxation with the family. You have at your disposal the whole house, the yard, the barbeque area, and the shed. What more could a person need?
Wifi and Cable TV
The entire house has access to cable TV so that you don’t miss your favorite films or news. There’s Internet connection throughout the house if you wish to get some work done in fresh air.
We love animals and we want you to take them on a holiday too. Instead of wondering who will look after your cat, dog, parrot, or hamster, don’t worry – just take your pet with you and you don’t even have to pay extra for it!